Minutes of Committee Meeting, 2nd August 2019

North Devon Tri Committee Meeting Minutes


Friday 2nd August

Apologies: Tina, Caroline Jones, Gareth

Present: Mark Rhead, Sharon McCaulder, Lorrie Woolgar, Caroline Branwell, Sarah Logan

  1. Points raised from last meeting

Mark is to make contact with Simon Beeby and find out where we are at with the Christmas meal. It is to be held at Broomhayes and the date/ table has already been booked.

  1. Advertorial

It was agreed that the cost of the advertorial was prohibitive and that we could do much better with targeted facebook campaigns and a reinstatement of mailchimp newsletters. Caroline Bramwell agreed to put the newsletter together and to contact the press to let them know that NDT will be at the Bideford Triathlon en masse. A facebook campaign will centre around finding new members and will combine with new swimming opportunity (below).

  1. Website Update

The website has been updated. Sarah Logan is attempting to find the account details for the Flickr account. Failing that, the gallery will be replaced with a new one.

  1. Stock Take

Thank you to those members who got in touch with NDT kit that they have. A new stock take list has been created and can be accessed via the secretary.

  1. Swimming

The open water session run by Lou was successful. Another is to go ahead. Jim has suggested starting a Beginners Group to run for 30 minutes before our Sunday sessions. It would be in one lane for around 6 people. It was agreed that this is a great idea and that the group would be for new members or existing ones who were not confident to come to swimming sessions or do not know the drills. Cost would be £5 for members, £6 for non-members. These swimmers would be welcome to stay for the next session but would pay again for the next hour.

  1. Who’s Racing Where

It was agreed that we’ve all missed the old forum posts of who’s racing where and that this needs to be addressed. Sarah Logan will pin a post to the top of our Facebook page where people can update where they are racing and Caroline Bramwell will include that list in her newsletters.

  1. New Kit

It was agreed that the latest style of kit (the adapted version) is OK and that we should give Gareth the go-ahead to progress it with NoPinz. We will continue to keep the Champion Systems kit too but that the minimum of 10 items before a run could not be changed. Mark will look in to who made the towels for us.

  1. Christmas Caper

The committee decided to go ahead and register the event with the BTF. This does mean that we will have to guarantee recording and publishing results accurately but it also means that we will be able to use the event to promote the club and get new members. It was agreed that a Facebook page would be created for it and that the event would be promoted through a Facebook campaign, along with the beginners’ swimming group.

  1. AOB

Mark has been contacted by the new South West Regional Manager for the BTF. Details have been passed to committee members. She seems quite eager to get more happening with triathlon in the South West.

The committee discussed fragmentation of the club and how we had not had a focus on any particular races. We came up with a list of races that have been popular with members in the past, or offered a lot of scope for people to enter different distances. These are now on the club website under Events, and attendees for the 2020 events will be updated. Members are welcome to suggest their own events that we can add to the list. Emails to secretary@northdevontri.co.uk if you are entering one of these events and the page will be updated.

Next meeting will be on Friday 27th September at 7pm, Mark Rhead’s house.